Commercial Break Song Breakdown Part 2:

To give you some more insight into the making of our EP we’re going to be breaking it down song by song and give you some facts and stories about each track:

Part 2: Observations

You may remember this song from the first live jam we put on youtube. Observations was created as this jam and we liked it so much that we didn‘t change much about it and just made some little adjustements for the version that is now on the ep. The idea for the song came from the vocal samples you can hear at the end of it. We recorded some small samples of michelles voice and created a melody with them. It‘s really fun to create a sound like this from scratch. The rest of the song was mainly improvised in the live jam. Even the lyrics were written in 10 minutes or so.

If you want to know how the song began it‘s live, feel free to go watch our first live jam on our youtube channel.

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