Commercial Break Song Breakdown Part 1

To give you some more insight into the making of our EP we’re going to be breaking it down song by song and give you some facts and stories about each track:

Part 1: Video Game

Video Game was the last song we wrote for the EP but we instantly knew that this would be our first single. There is just something about it that brings together a lot of things that we like, like 80s inspired synth sounds, groovy drums and basslines and lyrics that are inspired by pop culture. The process of writing the song was really fast. It started with the bassline and everything else just came together naturally. Only the mixing of the song took quite a long time to get right. But it was worth the effort and we are really happy with how this song turned out. Filming the music video was also extremely fun as it was basically just us two in a room goofing around in front of a camera. And even though we didn‘t know what we were doing with filming and editing we really enjoy the result of it. We hope you have just as much fun with this song as we had.

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