Swiss electronica duo Paraphon release debut album „Anecdotes of Wired Minds“

The debut album „Anecdotes of Wired Minds“ by Swiss electronica duo Paraphon, released on 7 October on all streaming platforms, is the duo’s first full-length album after their EP „Commercial Break“. In eight songs, the album offers an insight into the life of synthesizers – into the anecdotes of these versatile instruments. The first half of the album is dominated and inspired by the birth of synth-pop, the 1980s – such as ‚Morning Thoughts‘, ‚Miles‘ or the instrumental ‚Intermezzo‘, which illustrate the possibilities of synthesizers in a versatile way and approach the synth sounds of those 80s. ‚Told Me‘ offers a more modern dance break in the first half of the album to the more nostalgic and atmospheric other songs of this half.

The more modern half of the album begins with ‚Wired Minds‘. The song structures become bigger, the sounds more modern, wilder and more combined. Wired Minds‘ is a modernisation of Mary Shelley’s ‚Frankenstein‘ saga, ‚Spanish Sahara‘ an obvious but still ’synthesised‘ version of the Foals classic. The final track is ‚Forest of Fairytale‘, an atmospheric yet effective song with booming bass from the second verse onwards, which towards the end turns into a feast of bass, polyphonic echoing vocals, arpeggiator, synth pads and samples. ‚Forest of Fairytale‘ combines so much that can be found and played in the synth and electro world.

The tour through the life of synthesizers ends like this – starting in and inspired by the crucial 1980s, to the modernisation of old and new classics, to the combination and degeneration of any sound in the finale.


The Swiss electronica duo Praphon was born out of a shared love and fascination for synthesizers. Exploring the sound worlds of analogue and digital synthesizers and drum machines is the driving force behind the duo’s songs. Sound for sound, interwoven worlds between synth-pop and electronica emerge and inspire the listener to daydream and dance along.

Thanks to many synths (and cables), Paraphon’s songs find their way onto the stage without the help of a computer. Instead of pressing the play button on the laptop, the sounds are brought to life on the spot at the synthesizers.




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