Press Kit: Single Release „Miles“ (english)

The single „Miles“ by Swiss electronica duo Paraphon, released on May 20 on all streaming platforms, is the ideal soundtrack for nighttime car rides through the city. The song manifests the urgency of young love with a heavy dose of nostalgia. Lines like „I can not see but I can feel, I must run tonight“ combined with a driving bassline bring back those feelings. Equipped with the full load of 80s synth sounds and a driving beat, the song is a reminder of what strong feelings can do to you.

These strong feelings of young love and inner restlessness are echoed in the accompanying music video. Like one’s own pounding heartbeat and the urge to always want to be as close as possible to one’s new crush, the video’s images convey an inner and outer restlessness in keeping with the motto: the environment mirrors the inner emotional world and vice versa.
As a single release, „Miles“ offers a foretaste of Paraphon’s debut album, which will be released in the fall of 2022.


The Swiss electronica duo Praphon was born out of a shared love and fascination for synthesizers. Exploring the sound worlds of analog and digital synthesizers and drum machines is the driving force behind the duo’s songs. Sound for sound, interwoven worlds between synth-pop and electronica emerge and inspire the listener to daydream and dance along.

Thanks to lots of synths (and cables), Paraphon’s songs find their way onto the stage without the help of a computer. Instead of pressing the play button on the laptop, the sounds are brought to life on the spot at the synthesizers.

With the release of the single Miles in May 2022 and other upcoming projects, Paraphon continues to pursue their mission of bringing back electronic music as live performance with synthesizers instead of computers.




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